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JustBlabit created VoiceAmbience that will allow customers to personalize calls with background sounds. By choosing a specific background sound, users can create a personal ambience with enjoyable audio effects. Service available only for USA.

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what you can get?

Stop Texting!
  • Deliver your Content
  • To your audience
  • In Your Voice
Express your
  • Feelings
  • Excitment
  • Emotions
Get Your Message Across
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Co-Workers
Add Live Background Noises
  • Racecar, Bag Pipes, Crowds…
  • Cat, Dog, Chickens, Pigs…
  • New Sounds added every month.
What are my Options?
  • Populate to Facebook or Twitter
  • Send out as an email
  • Leave as a Voice Mail
Have Fun!
  • Change the way you communicate
  • Sign up for JustBlabit! today!
  • Available for iOS and Androids

Voice Ambience

VoiceAmbience allows you can give more meaning to your calls. Just call your personal JustBlabit! number to a friend, family member or co-worker with the sound of your choice that will be played in the background during the call…and JustBlabit does the rest.

Automatically send YOUR VOICE with YOUR MESSAGE and YOUR EMOTIONS to your pre-selected party, LIVE or at a pre-determined time that you schedule. Send it Facebook, Twitter or send out automatically as an email or even a voicemail…immediately!

Choose your sound!
Choose your sound!
With Voice Ambience, each call becomes a special moment. Select the sound that will play in the background during the call. Preview the sound by pressing play/pause to the left of each sound file. Select it, and chose who to call from your contact list.
Surprise your friends
Surprise your friends
The catalog of available audio files range from animal sounds to auto racing. Choose the one that best suits your needs depending on the occasion: a birthday, Valentine's Day greeting ...
Flexible Calling Options
Flexible Calling Options
Have fun calling your friends, you will always know the status of your credit limit and the remaining calls within your account. Purchase additional call time with a single click, as you are in control.
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How it works?

Simple to set up, easy to use in a few steps:

Select the sound
Chose a sound from the menu and preview it by clicking the arrow to the left.
Select your sound by pressing the labeled sound bar.
This will take you to a menu that will access your address book on your device.
Enter the phone number
Add your contact from your address book and press GO (iPhone Only).
Just Blab It! does the rest…It’s that easy!.